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Do Omega Watches Hold Their Value?

Written by Liam Davis

May 19, 2023

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With a skyrocketing watch industry, investments have also become increasingly competitive. Demand is high but supplies are low. However, when you know what to look for and where to look, you can find great success in a watch investment.

How To Invest In The Watch Market

Collecting watches and investing in the watch market doesn’t mean just hunting down the most expensive Rolex you can find. Watch designers these days are promoting that their luxury watches should be a staple in anyone’s collection.

Omega watches are a very safe investment for anyone investing in watches, whether you are new to the watch investment world or if you are a seasoned enthusiast. However, when investing in your watch it is crucial that you check your Omega watch authenticity. Investing in watches will only be successful if you are investing in authentic watches. So it is very important that you are buying your watches from authentic sellers.

Omega Watches

Omega watches is one of the oldest swiss watch brands. Omega watch history is rich and the brand has completely transformed horology throughout its life. They provide quality timepieces that last, and are extremely popular among collectors, investors and enthusiasts alike.

So this begs the question, are Omega watches a good investment? Ultimately, you couldn’t make a poor decision in choosing to invest in any Omega watch. There are so many utilities and aesthetics to choose from. When choosing to invest in an Omega watch, ideally you want the value of the watch to increase over time, but you also want enjoyment from the timepiece itself.

Omega watches are ideal investments due to the fact that they are beginner-friendly. They start at various different price points that can work with anyone’s budget, making them a really good brand to build your investment collection with. Due to the high demand for these watches, especially the vintage ones, purchasing authenticated second-hand watches can get you a great return in years to come.

Which Omega Watch Should I Invest In?

The Vintage Omega Constellation watches are a great investment piece. They are originally from the 1960’s and they are widely known for their pie pan dials. These Constellation watches make such brilliant investments as they are so budget-friendly compared to the gold variants that demand a higher upfront cost for the investment. Omega’s Constellation was also the first watch that was mass produced chronometer, and this gives these watches a higher value when it comes to investments based on the history it has as a brand and a series.

Another excellent series of Omega watches to invest in would be the Vintage Omega Seamaster collection. The first Omega Seamaster watch appeared in the late 40’s however, the most prolific version was released in the 50’s and this was designed to be hard wearing, water-resistant and diving-resistant. The Omega Seamaster range is incredibly popular for investment regardless of the level of experience the buyer has when it comes to investing in watches. The Seamaster collection is so vast in terms of size, colour and case. This means that there is a model of Seamaster watch for any potential buyer.

At the Authentic Watch Co, we have an extensive collection of vintage Omega watches available to purchase. The authenticity of our watches are guaranteed, so you can have peace of mind that your investment is genuine.

Do Omega Watches Hold Their Value?

So, do Omega watches hold their value? In short, yes they do! Based on the trends of the brand, we can see that Omega has increased its RRP (recommended retail price) a large amount of times over the years that the brand has been operating. This means that not only do Omega watches hold their value, they rise in value. It is crucial to look at data trends of the brand of watch you are investing in to see if the RRP is increasing regularly enough to make it worth an investment. In the case of Omega, we can see that it makes an ideal investment for newbies to timepiece investing or seasoned professionals.

Despite the fact that there are plenty of Omega watches on the market, they do hold their value very well. This is because the demand for Omega branded watches is high. They are not a risky investment when it comes to investing in a good timepiece.


Ultimately, Omega watches are ideal for timepiece investments. It is ideal if when you make your watch investment that it is an authenticated watch, that you can have the watch serviced and even better would be if you could get warranty on the watch from the seller. Here at Authentic Watch Co, we offer all the above on our Omega Constellation Watches and our Omega Seamaster watches. Feel free to get in touch and browse our current collection of Omega watches!

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About the Author

Liam Davis

Liam, the founder of Authentic Watch Co, is an experienced expert in the vintage watch industry with a deep passion for horology. With years of knowledge and dedication, Liam has become a trusted authority, committed to providing exceptional timepieces and unparalleled service to customers worldwide.

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