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Vintage Omega Constellation Watches

The Omega Constellation collection first appeared in 1952 and has evolved significantly since then, with the range still being produced to this day but with a different look. The Constellation was also Omega’s first mass produced chronometer, with the Globemaster being the the world’s first watch to be certified as a Master Chronometer. This signified it’s extreme accuracy and resistance to magnetic fields up to 15,000 gauss.

Omega Constellation Distinctive Features

Constellation watches have changed a lot over the decades, however there are a few features that these timepieces have come to be known by, depending on their year.

The first feature, which ties into the iconic name of the Constellation collection and Omega’s history participating in observatory trials, is the five pointed golden star that sits on the lower half of the dial above 6 o’clock. This star is representative of the watches accuracy and reputation as a chronometer. The star was present from the very beginning on the first Omega Constellation watch in 1952, is present on all vintage Omega watches, and it still found on today’s modern models. Every model also depicts the same medallion of the Geneva Observatory surrounded by eight stars on the case back, again representing Omega’s precision achievements. As Omega themselves put it, this precision is what lead Omega Constellation watches to become known as “the Swiss watch”.

Vintage Omega watches from the 1960’s are known for their pie pan dials and also being a budget friendly alternative to gold variations which demand more of an investment.

The feature that Omega constellation watches are now most known for started in 1982 with the Constellation Manhattan. This model featured four claws on the fixed bezel, with two at 3 o’clock and two at 9 o’clock. The claws are purely decorative, with jewellers using them to set diamonds and other gemstones.

Find Your Perfect Omega Constellation Watch

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